The list of institutions that publicly support improving the capital allocation of Korean companies is below.
Please contact if you would like to join.

Leading Institution

Dalton Investments

Dalton Investments is a long-term, value-oriented investment management firm with approximately.
$3.8 billion of assets under management. It has been focused on Asia equities since 1999.

Supporting Group

The Supporting Group agrees with the general messages but not necessarily with every specific detail or argument in the “Proposals to Korea.”

Brandes Investment Partners

Brandes Investment Partners is a leading value investing firm with approximately $24 billion of assets under management. It has been managing global equities since 1974.

KCGI (Korea Corporate Governance Improvement Fund)

Launched in July 2018, KCGI is a Korean, independent private investment fund aiming to for increaseing enterprise values through business succession and corporate structures.

Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb

Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb is a leading value investing firm, with its flagship fund being the Sequoia Fund since 1970.

Value Partners

Value Partners is value-oriented activist firm in Korea, established in 2012, pursuing Good (high ROIC with moats) + Cheap (EV/EBIT) + Actions.